(just to name a few....and in alphabetic order)

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BMW Group Research and Technology applies OpenDRIVE® and is convinced by its key benefits like the facts that OpenDRIVE® is a comprehensive and community proven approach for describing road networks as well as it enables the exchange of software components and databases. Link to website...

Daimler uses OpenDRIVE® in its driving simulators as an efficient road description standard and profits from well-proven utilization and exchange between different applications. Link to website...

At DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, the OpenDRIVE® standard is used for road definitions in the context of simulations for the assessment of mechatronic vehicle components and vehicle dynamics control systems. Link to website...
DLR Institute of Transportation Systems uses OpenDRIVE® as road description for generating virtual landscapes based on real world data. Link to website...

OpenDRIVE® supports the efficient development of road networks in the Fraunhofer IVI driving simulator and facilitates the exchange with other research partners. Link to website...

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The MBtech Group uses OpenDRIVE® in its tool suite along the automotive development and testing chain as it is a very clever, flexible and de-facto standard format for road networks. Link to website...

RTI has found the OpenDRIVE® standard to be comprehensive in its coverage of features needed for our autonomous traffic driving on correlated data. Link to website...

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TMI Dynamatics uses OpenDRIVE® for all its car and truck driver simulators. The OpenDRIVE® standard provides an excellent platform for the autonomous vehicles and pedestrians in our driving simulators. Link to website...

TrianGraphics GmbH has integrated OpenDRIVE® export into their database generation system Trian3D Builder. Thus the automatic urban generation with roads and complex crossings is usable in driving simulators. Link to website...

The OpenDRIVE® standard facilitates efficient exchange of data between universities and industrial partners. Link to website...

With OpenDRIVE® we were able to standardize key components of our tool-chain and make them available to a broad customer base without further adaptations. Link to website...

VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, is an independent and internationally prominent research institute within the transport sector. VTI is a world leader in several areas, for instance in simulator technology.
VTI's high fidelity vehicle simulators use OpenDRIVE® as the standardized road database in order to enhance the software environment and be compatible with external simulator facilities. Link to website...

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At irregular occasions, we search the internet for OpenDRIVE®-related content. The search results listed below give a pretty good image of OpenDRIVE's distribution in the market, current applications, users, references etc.
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OpenDRIVE® at Wikipedia
VTI Simulator Technology
Virtual Terrain Project
Paper about road creation based on OpenDRIVE
Paper about Vehicle-in-the-Loop testing
Paper about road visibility
Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) - within the AutoNomos project
DLR Simulation Environment m3
Driver Behavior Models
Museum of Learning: OpenDRIVE
Intelligent Agents in Driving Simulation
..Autonomous Vehicles, PhD thesis
Traffic Simulation, PhD thesis
SHAKE, project for realistic simulation on rough roads


Modelling World 2011

The Modelling World conference took place on June 16th, 2011 in London's famous Chelsea Football Club. The conference is mainly focused on infrastructure planning and traffic modelling with associated simulation tasks. OpenDRIVE® made its debut there in the new section automotive simulation since the inter-connection between vehicles, advanced driver assistances systems and the road infrastructure is getting ever closer. A presentation about the principles of OpenDRIVE® was given by Marius Dupuis of VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH. You may download the presentation here

User Meeting 2011


The 7th OpenDRIVE® user meeting was held on February 1st, 2011, during the Imagina 2011 conference and exhibition in Monaco - a great subject met a great location!


The meeting was open to all visitors of Imagina 2011.

Minutes of Meeting etc.

The Minutes of Meeting are available here.
For the framework presentation guiding through the meeting, click here.

Driving Simulation Conference 2010


A dedicated OpenDRIVE® paper was presented in the poster session at DSC 2010 in Paris on September 9-10, 2010. The various subjects of the paper included an information update about OpenDRIVE's status as well as the description of a selected use case which involved the exchange of driving databases that had taken place between two automotive OEMs.

For the DSC proceedings including the full paper, please check the DSC website. The poster shown at the conference can be downloaded here.


Due to OpenDRIVE's liberal usage and download rules, it's quite hard to track who the actual users are. However, the presentations at the DSC gave a good insight into OpenDRIVE's continuously growing user base and the ever more sophisticated applications. It could also be proven that requirements arising from actual use cases have meanwhile made it back as features into the standard.

A big THANK YOU to everybody who has clearly stated at this key conference that OpenDRIVE is his format of choice!

Every other user who feels encouraged to make a clear commitment to OpenDRIVE may do so by getting listed free of charge and without further obligations in our users section.

Rough Waters

As we found out shortly after DSC, a newsletter had been distributed during the conference by a 3rd party (so-called RoadXML,tm) containing allegations that OpenDRIVE was missing certain features which are crucial for the representation of real road networks (namely: clothoids and curvilinear co-ordinates). As soon as we got hold of this information, the OpenDRIVE core team protested and easily proved that the allegations were completely wrong. The "missing" features had been part of OpenDRIVE since its start in 2006. After quite some communication going back and forth, we have now opted for not taking further legal action since the publishers of the wrong statements have acknowledged their mistakes, stopped the distribution of their current newsletter and have agreed to publish an erratum in their upcoming newsletter.

AutoTest Conference 2010

At the AutoTest Conference in Stuttgart, Germany (Oct. 27-28, 2010), papers will be presented by established users of OpenDRIVE®. At least one paper will provide explicit reference to OpenDRIVE®. Further information will be available after the conference...

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